Medicare Does NOT Pay For Preventive Care

March 27, 2010 in Health Care "Reform", Health Policy by RangelMD

With all the talk about preventive care and coordination of care during the current health reform efforts, you would think that this would have been one of the primary measures in the recent legislation. You’d be wrong.

Top 9 Criticisms of Concierge Medicine

March 12, 2010 in Health Care "Reform" by RangelMD

Many liberals have a knee-jerk reaction conniption fit when asked about concierge medicine: “Only the rich will be able to afford concierge care” and the end result will be that “fewer doctors will see fewer patients”.

Concierge Medicine: How to Escape From a Dysfunctional Medical System

March 9, 2010 in Health Care "Reform", Health Policy by RangelMD

How can patients and primary care providers escape from a system that is way underfunded and way overloaded? It requires a paradigm shift in the way we reimburse primary care physicians. Hint. Gym memberships are way ahead of the curve here.

Rush to Costa Rica?

March 8, 2010 in Health Care "Reform" by RangelMD

Mr. Limbaugh to move to Costa Rica within 5 years if health care reform is passed.

Electronic Prescribing Reduces Health Costs!

February 26, 2010 in Health Care "Reform", Health Policy by RangelMD

So why aren’t the Federal government or health insurance companies rushing to compensate and reward physicians who start using electronic medical records systems with e-prescribing ability?

Electronic Prescriptions are . . Legible, Reduce Errors!

February 25, 2010 in Health Care "Reform", Health Policy by RangelMD

Sending prescriptions electronically direct to the pharmacy has been proven to reduce errors from 42% to 6.6%! You would think that the Federal government would be rushing to massively fund such an initiative. But, you’d be wrong.

The NHS Spends Millions on Placebos!?

February 22, 2010 in Health Care "Reform", Health Policy by RangelMD

The wit and wisdom that is socialist medical care funding.

e-Prescribing is Here!

February 17, 2010 in Health Care "Reform", Health Policy by RangelMD

I sent my first e-Prescriptions yesterday. I sent them to a local pharmacy using my trusty PracticeFusion EMR and it was very good. E-Prescribing is important as this not only
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Physician Politicians?

February 12, 2010 in Health Care "Reform" by RangelMD

Is the answer to corruption and runaway spending in Washington to elect more doctors to Congress?

The Diabolical Plan of Lawyers and Democrats to Keep Down Health Care Costs

February 1, 2010 in Health Care "Reform", Medical Legal by RangelMD

Trial lawyers and Democrats already know what happens to the practice patterns of physicians when their malpractice liability goes up. That’s why Washington has all but ignored national medical malpractice reform lately.