The NHS Spends Millions on Placebos!?

February 22, 2010 in Health Care "Reform", Health Policy by RangelMD

The wit and wisdom that is socialist medical care funding.

e-Prescribing is Here!

February 17, 2010 in Health Care "Reform", Health Policy by RangelMD

I sent my first e-Prescriptions yesterday. I sent them to a local pharmacy using my trusty PracticeFusion EMR and it was very good. E-Prescribing is important as this not only
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Is Cocaine Really That Harmful?

February 9, 2010 in Health Policy, Medicine by RangelMD

In 1986, Maryland basketball player and NBA 2nd overall draft choice, Len Bias had a seizure and died from a single intranasal dose of cocaine. In 2010 one guy uses cocaine to “unwind” on the weekends and wonders if it really is that dangerous.

Vaccines: Victims of Poor Marketing

February 5, 2010 in Health Policy by RangelMD

Obviously vaccinations suffer from a battered public image these days. What is needed is a new advertising campaign.

Abstinence-only Education Works After Religion is Taken Out

February 2, 2010 in Health Policy, Medical Ethics by RangelMD

Abstinence-only sex education has never been shown to work well. What if they just threw out all of that “no sex until marriage” stuff and instead, focused on the hazards of teenage sexual activity?

Higher Visit Co-pays Backfire

January 29, 2010 in Health Policy by RangelMD

Q: What happens when the chronically sick and elderly have to pay more out of pocket every time they see their doctor? A: They go to the hospital more. It’s not cost shifting. It’s Medicare.

How To Fix The Great Powered Wheelchair Money Pit

January 23, 2010 in Health Policy by RangelMD

Millions in tax payer money is wasted per year on Medicare purchased electrically powered wheelchairs and scooters. Much of this is from improperly filled out or missing documentation but I suspect that even more is because of needs and use that is not really completely medically necessary.

Office Wait Times to Worsen in California

January 22, 2010 in Health Policy by RangelMD

A new California law set to start in 2011 will mandate minimum times to get an appointment to see an HMO doctor. It’s a great example of using brute force legislation to try and fix a problem without addressing the root causes. You go, California!

Poll: 80% Americans Want to Legalize Medical Marijuana

January 21, 2010 in Health Policy, Medicine by RangelMD

The percentage of Americans who support some form of legalized marijuana continues to increase to near record levels. This is unprecedented in a nation that has a hard time uniting and agreeing on anything short of war and yet Washington remains mute on this issue.

Wild Inconsistency and Lack of Common Sense Plague State Medical Boards

January 19, 2010 in Health Policy by RangelMD

A doctor removes the wrong kidney. The punishment varies wildly depending not only the state but upon unmentioned intangibles that exemplify the limitations of throwing together a group of peers who neither have enough legal experience nor follow their own science training to make “common sense” decisions.