When Patients Audio Record Without Your Consent

January 26, 2010 in Medical Legal by RangelMD

What if a patient or family member secretly records your conversation. Is this legal. Is this a medical legal crisis? Should you freak out? Should you call your lawyer or the police? Or should you be polite and remain calm?

Malpractice Suits in America; The Numbers.

October 26, 2004 in Medical Legal by RangelMD

(Via PointofLaw). Doctor Richard E. Anderson, chairman and CEO of The Doctor’s Company (a physician owned medical malpractice insurer) recently wrote “Defending the Practice of Medicine” for the Archives of
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Defensive Medicine: the cost of an aggressive tort industry

October 19, 2004 in Medical Legal by RangelMD

John Edwards cited a Congressional Budget Office report that the medical malpractice tort industry adds less than 1% to the total cost of health care in this country. But every
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