The Future of Primary Care Compensation?

May 17, 2010 in Health Care "Reform", Medicine

Paying primary care physicians per patient visit and per office service is really, basically, very stupid.

Sex Sells CPR

May 14, 2010 in Medicine

Best CPR training video evar.
Teaches CPR (kind of) in a way you won’t forget.

Even Patients are Marginalizing Primary Care

May 13, 2010 in Health Policy

Patients take their cues from the current system where primary care providers are seen as little more than purposeless “gatekeepers”.

Shaken But Not Spermed

May 12, 2010 in Medicine

A new method to shake the little bastards to death.

Nurse Practitioners and the “Art of Medicine”

May 11, 2010 in Health Policy, Medicine

Do nurse practitioners have the training and experience to understand and apply the “art” of medicine in their practices?

Texas Border Health Sucks

May 10, 2010 in Health Policy

A 2009 survey of 353,000 American adults from 187 metro areas asked 13 questions about basic access to health care and healthy lifestyles.

Three Cheaper Alternatives to Expensive Tests.

May 7, 2010 in Health Policy, Medicine

These three simple tests could save money and improve health care quality but, as usual, they are not covered by insurance.

MRI Abuse

May 6, 2010 in Health Policy

What happens when your health care provider doesn’t have either the time or the experience and training to perform a proper diagnostic work up for your symptoms? Why, they just order an MRI!

The Donut Hole of Sleep Duration Mortality

May 5, 2010 in Medicine

Chronic sleep deprivation or oversleeping is associated with a small increase in premature death.

We Need How Many Nukes?

May 4, 2010 in Misc

How many nuclear weapons do we really need?