Pointless Ideas About the Use of Google Glass in Medicine

July 1, 2013 in Misc by RangelMD

Techies can’t shut up about Google Glass (GG). According to them people really really want the equivalent of a lower end smart phone to wear on their heads in order to record video in a first person perspective because . . it couldn’t possibly be done and done better by anything else.

Speaking of . . .  Doctors, specifically surgeons are experimenting with the use of GG to record video during invasive procedures. There’s no obvious immediate use for doing this. They seem to be doing it because they can. However, many GG fans speculate that future uses could include using the video for teaching purposes or streaming the video to a consultant in another city. Yes, if it’s anything that a doctor in training or a consultant prefers to see it’s a nausea inducing first person perspective. Fixed camera positions and steady cams are soooooo boring. I would much rather see the rapid pans and jolts that come from a camera imbedded in fake glasses.

And what about the other 97% of invasive procedures that don’t serve as teaching examples or require remote consultation? I’m not sure why a GG video would be needed but one thing’s for sure. Trial lawyers would love to get their paws on a video record of a procedure instead of having to depend just on the operative note. Google glass could spark a revolution for the medical malpractice industry. Or not.

Besides, one of the main points of this technology was supposed to be augmented reality. That is, GG would compile information about your surroundings and overlay this information onto the GG monitor. The same approach could be used for surgery. The surgeon would look though GG down at the patient and see a dotted line overlying the skin and underneath would be the words in red letters, “cut here“.

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