Predicting the Next Republican Presidential Candidate

November 12, 2012 in Misc by RangelMD

Since at least 1996, republican criticism and derogatory comments about Democratic presidential candidates have been followed by the nomination of a GOP candidate who embodies some of those same perceived faults which are then embraced – or at least ignored – the by party faithful.

  • Substance Abuse: Conservatives loved to call President Bill Clinton a “pot smoking hippie” back in the 1990s and loved his ridiculous remark about not inhaling. This was followed by President G. W. Bush who was arrested for DWI in 1976, admitted to problems with alcohol abuse, and who was widely believed to have used cocaine back in his youth.
  • Draft “Dodging”: Clinton was called a “draft dodger“in-part by enrolling, but not joining, the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) while in College in the late 60s. But while Clinton received a high draft number (luck) and a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford (talent), George Bush served in the Texas Air National Guard – a position he garnered as a result of his families political connections – and Mitt Romney received a deferment in 1966 to go perform missionary work for the Mormon Church in the deepest darkest jungles of . . . Paris France.
  • War Hero: While Bush was struggling to show up for his training duties in the national guard, future Senator John Kerry was getting shot at in Vietnam after volunteering to serve and being injured three times. Kerry was famously vilified by the Swift boat organization that disputed or tried to minimize every aspect of Kerry’s combat service but couldn’t get around the fact that Kerry went to Vietnam and Bush didn’t.
  • Flip-Flopping: John Kerry was attacked by Republicans as a “flip flopper” for changing his mind on several issues that he originally voted for. However, Mitt Romney took flip-flopping to a whole new level in reversing positions on such core political beliefs as abortion, gay rights, gun control, and — most amazing of all – after signing into law one of the most far-reaching health care reform laws in the country in 2006,  he came out against “Obamacare” – a very similar though less inclusive reform measure.
  • Religion: President Obama is often accused of being a “Muslim” which is apparently a derogatory comment in the conservative lexicon. Mitt Romney is a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints that actively and officially discriminated against African-Americans until 1978.
  • Birthplace: There is no end to the number of conservatives who claim that Barack Obama was born in Kenya but few conservatives questioned whether or not the fact that John McCain was born on a US military base in the Panama Canal Zone meets the constitutional requirement of “Natural-born”.

The obvious patterns of attacking and magnifying various “faults” in Democratic presidential candidates and then nominating a GOP candidate with the same or worse “faults” should give us a very accurate idea of what the next Republican presidential candidate will be like.

In 2016 look for the GOP nominee to be a converted Muslim, former Communist and ACLU member, who was openly gay and militantly pro-choice but who now claims to be an ultra conservative who denounces gay rights and believes in “guns for all and abortions for no one” while claiming that his father’s private jet accidentally flew him to Canada in 1967 instead of to a local recruiting office to volunteer for duty where he was awarded a Purple Heart for a severe paper cut he received while mailing letters in support of the war effort, and who’s only copy of his US birth certificate was destroyed by a mysterious meth lab fire while he was residing at his families ancestral home in the south of France where he was studying English as a second language.


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