Michael Jackson’s Doctor Sues to Get Texas License Back

October 3, 2012 in Medicine by RangelMD

Michael Jackson’s ex doctor Conrad Murray was convicted in a California court of manslaughter in the death of the famous insomniac and the Texas Medical Board suspended his medical license. But now Dr. Murray is claiming that suspending his license was not part of the deal.

In April of 2010, Dr. Murray and the Texas Medical Board entered into an agreement that prohibited him from directly administering any general anesthetic such as propofol to a patient. It was a stunningly mild corrective action for a physician who, at the time, had been arrested and was under criminal investigation for manslaughter. There was no fine imposed nor any requirement for retraining or re-education and the prohibition from the administration of general anesthesia was essentially a slap on the wrist since giving anesthesia is not in any way a significant part of the practice of your typical cardiologist.

After his initial conviction for manslaughter and subsequent incarceration in 2011 the Texas Medical Board suspended his Texas license in accordance with Board rule 164.057 which gives the Board the authority to suspend a license in the event of an initial conviction of a felony. Board rules also allow for the revocation of a license in the event of a final conviction of a felony after all appeals are exhausted. Dr. Murray filed a complaint against the Texas Medical Board apparently believing that the Board will revoke his license prior to a successful appeal of his conviction.

Of course Dr. Murray has no need for an active medical license currently since he is incarcerated and presumably will not be practicing medicine anytime soon.

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