Now THIS is Science!

August 5, 2011 in Medicine by RangelMD

Yes, Rutgers scientists have finally answered the age old question that perplexed even the ancients; does stimulation of the female nipple cause the same arousal response as stimulation of the genitals? The answer is, yes!

A team from Rutgers University in the U.S. asked 11 non-pregnant women between 23 and 56 to stimulate themselves while they lay inside a [functional PET scanner]. 

Stimulation of the nipples caused activity in the same part of the brain (neocortex) as stimulation of the genitals.  This revelation was followed by the requisite “this strange research could actually lead to further  evaluation, breakthroughs, and possible treatment of non-sexual disorders so we are not just perverts and doing this to freak out conservatives and the American Family Association” statement.

Dr Komisaruk hopes that in addition to helping people who can’t orgasm learn how to, his research will help unlock wider secrets of the brain. ‘If we can control a part of the brain that produces pleasurable sensation, what would that do in the case of, say, depression or anxiety or addiction or obesity?

And it’s a lot more fun and interesting to study sexual physiology than depression and obesity.  But this study raises more questions than it answers;

  1. Does self stimulation of erogenous areas like the nipples have the same brain activity patterns as actual sexual activity or external stimulation?
  2. To test this, would “volunteers” be used to stimulate the nipples of the test subjects or in the interests of prudishness and standardization, would some kind of external device be used?
  3. Would such an automatic external nipple stimulator be made available for purchase on the study website?
  4. How many conservative and religious fundamentalist commentators have publicly denounced this area of research while being secretly titillated?
  5. If this type of research were to get Federal public funding, would Congressional floor debates on C-span get a lot more interesting and possibly include pictures?
  6. Could a website be set up where people would send in suggestions on which body part is to be stimulated and studied next?
  7. Do fetish body parts like feet cause different brain patterns in people with these fetishes compared to “normal” subjects?
  8. Why does the MailOnline web site covering this story have a picture of an actress faking an orgasm that has nothing to do with breasts or nipples?

Clearly, there is much work yet to be done.

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