Who Says Being a Hypomanic Sensation Doesn’t Pay?

March 17, 2011 in Misc by RangelMD

What do you get for being a hypomanic misogynistic, egoistic, violent, alcoholic, coke head? Apparently, $150,000 a show , is what. This is how much former TV actor Charlie Sheen will make on his “Charlie Sheen Live: My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option” ego tour.

That would be OK if Mr. Sheen actually had some talent to showcase, like, say, playing the tuba with his toes or being able to take out his own spleen using nothing but a pair of chopsticks and a Mr. Potato-head. That I would pay to see. But, no. His “act” appears to be an abuse related hypomanic tirade into persecution delusions and ego inflation.

Mr. Sheen had been making several million per episode of Two and a Half Men. That is, he got paid millions of dollars to memorize a few lines and then repeat them in front of a camera. Yet he still felt massively betrayed and taken advantage of.

Speaking of, I get paid $38 to perform an invasive procedure that could save a patient’s life (according to Medicare reimbursement calculations). I get paid even less by the Federal government to see a hospital patient and make complex medical management decisions. Like Mr. Sheen, I could have done massive amounts of drugs and alcohol and displayed my resulting psychiatric condition on national television. But, I don’t have enough Tiger Blood (TM) in my system.

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