Why the Vuvuzela is So Anoying

June 14, 2010 in Misc by RangelMD

Or call it reason number 72 as to why Americans will continue to care less about soccer and that this world cup won’t be any different. That constant low pitched hum heard during world cup game broadcasts from South Africa comes from the blowing of tens of thousands of plastic trumpet shaped horns called vuvuzelas.

The vuvuzela is like a straightened trumpet and is played by blowing a raspberry into the mouthpiece. The player’s lips open and close about 235 times a second, sending puffs of air down the tube, which excite resonance of the air in the conical bore. A single vuvuzela played by a decent trumpeter is reminiscent of a hunting horn.

Americans wear their team colors and cheer . . at specific exciting times during the game. Soccer fans wear their team colors and blow vuvuzelas . . . continuously during the match. Oddly, the only time the drone appears to abate is right after a goal.

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