Death Penalty Ruled Unconstitutional . . in Texas

March 3, 2010 in Misc by RangelMD

OMG! State District Judge Kevin Fine, a democrat with lots of tattoos who, like former Texas governor G.W. Bush, is a recovering alcoholic and former cocaine user*, “made the ruling against the death penalty this week in a pre-trial motion in a capital murder case, saying he could assume that innocent people have been executed.”

Among the millions of Texans jumping on the bandwagon of partisan criticism was Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who called Fine’s ruling one of “unabashed judicial activism.” However, it’s unclear whether General Abbott’s use of the term “unabashed judicial activism” refers as well to rulings like Brown v the Board of Education of Topeka Kansas (1957) and Bush v Gore (2000) or to court rulings that he simply doesn’t agree with.

What Judge Fine does not seem to realize is that in order to make an omelet, you have to be willing to break some eggs! Since there is no such thing as a system that is 100% guaranteed accurate in executing only the guilty, the people of Texas have made it clear that they are willing to risk the rare innocent death in return for the greatest system of retribution in the world!

*(How did a Democrat get elected state district judge in execution alley? It’s nice to know that recovering alcoholics and drug addicts can easily get elected to hold office as state judges, governors, and US Presidents . . just as long as they are not doctors and as long as they steer clear of the Texas Medical Board).

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