Is Antarctica Melting yet?

January 10, 2010 in Misc by RangelMD

It’s interesting to see how political correctness* influences group thought and assumptions that are not based on actual . . you know . . reality. In an article from January 10th about potential travel destinations for 2010, New York Times travel editor Denny Lee had the following to say about Antarctica.

This may be the last year that Antarctica is open to mass tourism — not because the ice is melting too fast (though it is), but because of restrictions that would severely curtail travel around the fragile continent.

However, a little noticed story that came out on January 8th in Eos, the weekly newspaper of the American Geophysical Union noted the opposite.

Antarctica is warming, but not melting anything like as much as expected. In fact, during the continent’s summer this time last year, there was less melting than at any time in the 30 years that we have had reliable satellite measurements of the region.

So, either the NYT travel writers are decades ahead in their reporting or their knowledge of travel destinations is clouded by political assumptions (just like everything else at the Times). I know that this is a seemingly insignificant example but when ignorance via political bias seeps into something so innocuous as the travel section, you know that things are bad with the rest of the news organization.

*Political correctness is not spectrum specific. Fox News is just as politically bias as the Times. It’s just that Fox chooses to go with the pretend populist approach.

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